Blockchain has come a long way since the public became aware of the technology. Big companies are starting to harness the possibilities of using the technology to create a service relevant to their businesses. From tech giants to financial institutions, blockchain technology development is starting to get a wider attention it deserves as a technology.

Just recently, the social media giant, Facebook, released its whitepaper detailing its plans for a digital currency that utilizes the blockchain technology. The Libra coin may be the next step towards mass acceptance of the blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies. Similarly, JP Morgan and Chase announced that it is also creating its own digital currency to be used as a payment system between banks. IBM has been developing new technologies using blockchain for different use cases like supply chain management and cloud computing.

Another rising fintech company, Omega Prime Group, is making strides to make the blockchain technology accessible to the masses. Building infrastructures that will help people leverage the opportunity that the technology presents. Omega Prime Group and its subsidiaries has started investing heavily on blockchain upon seeing the potential of the said emerging decentralized financial ecosystem.

Acquiring Hashtechz Development Company

Among Omega Prime Group’s investment is the acquisition of the software development company Hashtechz, which specializes in creating AI-driven bots that can do arbitrage trading using data driven algorithm.

By utilizing blockchain, AI, digital assets, high frequency trading, and arbitrage trading, Omega Prime Group can offer low risk opportunities and high returns for financial investors. The Group has developed extensive product lines which conform to a wide range of investment preferences. Hashtechz, for instance, has launched nine sophisticated financial products in succession – from cryptocurrency arbitrage to binary options. These are highly iterative products that are based on extensive market research and customer feedback. They fully reflect the mission and essence that Omega Prime Group is centered on its customers.

Omega Prime is also building the required infrastructure for the emerging decentralized finance economy. For instance, the Group is now actively developing its own cryptocurrency exchange complete with a cryptographic version of the Singapore dollar. SGDX as it will be called, will allow Omega Prime Group members to hedge against the volatility of other cryptocurrencies while at the same time benefiting from the ability to engage in instant, cross-border, censorship resistant currency transactions. SGDX and other “stablecoins” like it, form an important base for the DeFi economy. They will enable people to move seamlessly back and forth between volatile but appreciating digital assets like Bitcoin, and stable but highly useful assets like the Singapore dollar.

The Omega Prime Group team invests in and develops technologies which can change the future. They are working on no less than the reshaping of wealth creation itself. In the process the Group enables high and stable returns for its investors. Keep your eye on this rising star.

Source: Omega Prime Limited

Link: Omega Prime Hashtech